Fresh sourdough bread


Ntakos salad

with barley rusk, tomato tartar, capers and mizithra cheese flavored with basil.

Greek Salad

with tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, green pepper, Kalamata olives and mizithra cheese from our farms.


with basil pesto, Greek yogurt, caramelized walnuts and parsley oil.

Seasonal boiled greens

with extra virgin olive oil.



with Greek yogurt, garlic and pickled cucumbers.

Mizithra cream

garlic confit, lemon zest, chilli olive oil and pistachios.

Fresh Crabmeat

with homemade lemon mayonnaise, fresh herbs, avocado cream, crispy bread and basil olive oil.

Aubergines baked

with vegetables sauce, fresh herbs and mizithra cheese.

Zucchini fritters

with feta cheese and yogurt cream.

Squid lightly fried

with homemade truffle mayonnaise.


goat cheese from our farm with nuts and tomato marmalade.

Sea bass tartar

lemon zest, Florina pepper, raisins and bottarga powder.

Fresh fried potatoes

Octopus Marinated

in oil and vinegar.



with baked vegetables, meat sauce and mornay sauce.

Goat ragù

boiled in goat broth with pasta tagliatelle.

Slow cooked goat

with lemon sauce.

Octopus sous vide

with puréed fava beans and fresh black truffle.

Grilled sea bass

Grilled goat chops

Grilled pork chop

Grilled beef steak

at your preferred doneness

Rib Eye

Catch of the day

Dessert of the day