About Antiparos

Antiparos is a small island at the heart of the Cyclades, a whitewashed ensemble, bathed in bold brushstrokes, in the southern part of the clear blue Aegean Sea. It is a historic place of international interest. Monuments and symbols speak to us of the figures that lived on the island, creators of the unique Cycladic Civilisation, creators of our history.

Where beauty exceeds the size, the visitor can admire one of the most ancient caves in the world, the archaeological sites, the amazing views found scattered in every corner of the island, the crystal clear and clean beaches, the picturesque flagstone-paved lanes, and the magnificent local food.

Odysseas Elytis
- The monogram

“In the beginning the light And the first hour
when lips still in clay
try out the things of the world
Green blood and bulbs golden in the earth
And the sea, so exquisite in her sleep, spread
unbleached gauze of sky
under the carob trees and the great upright palms”

Despotiko Island


Despotiko is situated almost exactly in the center of the Cyclades. Although presently uninhabited, there are significant indications that in prehistoric and ancient times the island – due to its central position among the Cyclades and the large Despotiko Bay (between the island and Agios Georgios of Antiparos) providing safe anchorage – played an important role in maritime communication routes.


Currently, excavations are taking place in the northwest part of the island and so far the findings are of great importance. The excavations proved the existence of an important late Archaic sanctuary with abundant objects indicating links to mainland Greece, the Eastern Mediterranean and even to Northern Africa, as well as the continued use of this area in the Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Frankish periods.

Agios Georgios bay consists an amazing shelter for the sailboats and the yachts of any size, protecting them from the prevailing summer north winds and providing a magnificent scenery for the travelers.